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Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Harlem Family Services (HFS) is to help young children, adolescents, young adults, and families in need by offering free or affordable, trauma and socioculturally-informed short- and long-term therapy, in person or virtual, through our clinic as well as in neighborhood schools, community centers, houses of worship, working closely with community educators, especially in underserved areas that include work with the poor and medically indigent.

HFS will also provide the full range of psychological/social-emotional and psychiatric evaluations, including administration and management of psychotropic medication as needed.

Our Vision

Harlem Family Services (HFS): The Margaret Morgan Lawrence Family and Child Development Center, was conceived and designed to be a beacon of hope and a resource for the development, healing and overall mental wellness of children, from pre-school to adolescence and young adulthood, for their parents, from all walks of life and sociocultural backgrounds, especially families from marginalized and underserved communities.

HFS imagines a Center where not only families come for assessment, treatment and life skills coaching, but also will be a place for ongoing community gatherings to provide: education, consultation and coaching of parents/families, and for our community partners, including, teachers, mental health community clinicians, clergy, law enforcement, the legal professions and the business community that overtime will all serve as potential developmental and occupational resources for families.

Services for children with special needs and their families are in desperately short supply, especially in the underserved neighborhoods where this altruistic Institute has traditionally operated with minimal resources. Waiting periods at many clinics to see young children 5-10 years old are as long as four months, and for children aged 10-14 as long as three months. We want to add significantly to the supply of services available to parents who feel powerless to swiftly get their children the help they need.

To evolve and to add additional programs that will help address and meet the  the comprehensive intergenerational and developmental needs of underserved families in the Harlem, Bronx and Washington Heights’ communities.

Harlem Family Services is dedicated to advance Health Equity to all and will name its Article 31 clinic The Margaret Morgan Lawrence Family & Child-Development Center in Harlem. This name honors the nation’s first African American woman pediatrician and firstAfrican American woman psychoanalyst. She was a founding member of the HarlemFamily Institute’s Board when it grew out of a little Harlem independent elementary school, the Children’s Storefront School, in 1991. Our center will carry on Dr. Lawrence’s legacy.  We aim to ensure that it offers the most potent mental health services available to children and families.

HarlemFamily Services will provide community relevant, dynamically-oriented life coaching and mentorship, advocacy and social support services  for parents and children, clinicians, attorneys, teachers and other related individuals and groups.

Life Coaching will also provide developmental education and methodological training and consulting for teachers, parents, community agency clinicians, healthcare providers, attorneys and other groups supporting children and families.

Harlem Family Services

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